link A piece of every answer, or link, will have some sort of common bond with the other links. Your goal is to identify this missing link that connects the answers together. For example, if the answers were "The Omega Man", "Catherine Zeta Jones", "alpha male", and "Delta Airlines" the missing link would be "letters of the Greek alphabet". As you can see, it is important to give the full answer being looked for. Last names, abbreviations, and partial answers aren't always enough.

Click the link title to see the answer.

LINK 1: Mathematician Charles Dodgson is better known to the world as this author.

LINK 2: This is the signature song of the Harlem Globetrotters.

LINK 3: The central nervous system consists of these two major parts.

LINK 4: First a 1969 song, then a 1976, book, and finally a 1980 movie, this title has become synonymous with Loretta Lynn.

LINK 5: When not flying the president, this is the home of Air Force One.

LINK x: What is the missing link?