link Part of each answer will have some sort of common bond with part of all the other answers. Your goal is to identify the missing link that connects the answers together. For example, if the answers were

"The Omega Man", "Catherine Zeta Jones", "Betamax", "Delta Airlines"

the missing link would be "letters of the Greek alphabet". As you can see, it is important to give full answers. Last names, abbreviations, and partial answers aren't always enough.

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  #1   Designed by Thomas Jefferson, this is the only school in the United States that is designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

  #2   Officially debuting in a 1940 short, this cartoon character was just the second fictional character to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

  #3   The smallest variety of the dog breed believed to have originated in Germany where it was known as the Pudelhund is called this.

  #4   With an edition published every weekday and one on the weekend, this newspaper is the largest in the United States by circulation, and hasn't missed an issue since it started in 1889.

  #5   Also known as Prince Dakkar, he appeared in two Jules Verne novels: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea and The Mysterious Island.

   ?    What is the missing link?